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Parcel is a gourmet food subscription service for the modern foodie and amateur home chef who would like to expand their palate with more advanced flavors than those found at the common grocery store. Providing speciality ingredients from small restaurants and shops around the globe, Parcel chooses to empower our users to expand the flavor profiles of their own cookbooks. Unlike other subscription services, our product provides our customers with inspiring ingredients instead of preset meals, inviting them to travel around the palate. 

Example of monthly box

2_29 Scene-5.jpg

Each box includes a passport, detailing the month's ingredients.

The Parcel app is the gateway to an online community of users, all sharing their experiences with one another.

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5 v3 recipe 2 on phone.jpg
6 v3 recipe 2 on phone.jpg

The Parcel community further grows through engagements such as the Parcel Cook-Off, which travels from city to city.

Users may enter the cook-off, where the only requirement is that a Parcel ingredient be used in all recipes.

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Letterhead Suite

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Label Detail

Blue - Main Packaging

Red - Sauces

Yellow - Grains


Green - Vegetables

Orange - Seasonings

Pink - Sweets


Copywriters: Robert Atkinson & Mitch Baines

Co-Designer: Hannah Pustilnik

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