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mno is an upscale dining experience that caters to foodies with children. The Mid Century design aesthetic appeals to parents and children alike with its bold lines and color palette. While similar establishments may frown upon those with little ones in tow, mno provides themed activities to occupy the children and private, sound-proof, ocean view dining rooms that satisfy all diners without compromising quality and luxury. 

Interior & Mural

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Mural Detail

Table Card, Infant and Dinner Menus


Cloth Napkins

The mural enables augmented reality on smartphones, keeping the young ones occupied with videos, games and more.

3_4 play AR mno phone.jpg
3_4 AR mno phone.jpg
fish game.jpg

The kid's pack includes quality crayons, a puzzle of the mural to color, food and drink menus

and plenty of additional activities to keep them entertained.

We know kids love to emulate adults, so we package their leftovers separately.

Walking out with their own bag, distinct from mom and dad's, adds to their experience.

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