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Before arrival, attendees use our app to create a persona and order their RFID-enabled ticket.

All of our ticket options contain RFID chips, providing event staff with attendee personas,

allowing the cast to interact with them as if they were recognizable celebrities. 

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Depiction of the waiting room, made to feel like the inside of a limousine. The windows

are mirrored so our celebrities cannot see the red carpet mayhem that awaits. 

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The Step & Repeat Wall

NEW 2 red carpet wall.jpg
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The Manicam

The 360 Cam

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Song Recording Studios

Magazine Headline Creator

4x6-gold-vocal-booth-purple-exterior cop

Song recordings, photos and magazine covers are

available for download from the app.

Our team follows up on social media the following day with superlatives

from the night before.

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